I have been a client of Max Feldman for ten years now. In those ten years my family and I have struggled with custody issues with a former girlfriend (the mother of my oldest child). From the begining, it has been a struggle to first even be able to see my our child. Max and his staff were very supportive and empathetic. Max always kept me informed on what to expect. We finally worked into a shared physical custody schedule and I was then deployed to Iraq. My daughters mother refused to let my parents and my wife, who was pregnant with our daughters brother, see or speak to our daughter. Max represented my parents and wife, allowing them to spend time with her and allowing me to speak to my daughter when I was able to call home. Upon returning home from deployment, Max helped me regain shared custody, as my daughter's mother was very resistant. Since then, we have had numerous issues in our lives, brought on by my daughter's mother, that Max and his staff have helped us navigate. Currently, we are again having issues and Max, his son Nicholas, and their staff have been amazing. Family division is a cold building, with a palpable sense of animosity. Max and Nicholas are honest, genuine gentlemen that bring some warmth into that place. Max's network and connections within the legal system in Allegheny County are a priceless asset. My ten year experience within the Family Division system has been painful, but somehow Max remains the same knowledgeable, upbeat, and genuine guy that I met so long ago. Max, Nicholas, and all the staff working in his office have done more for me and most importantly my children than I could ever repay them for.

—  Aaron S., Client